Of Red Dragon Fruit and Beetroot

I usually bring food from home when I go to work.

Last Friday, I packed one cut red dragon fruit and dad’s fruit juice which contained beetroot to work. I arrived at work by 9 am and started indulging in my dragon fruit and juice. By 11 am, I had a huge urge to poop. Haha.

I’ve been having sufficient intake of fibre recently so I poop as fast as I pee. So after pooping I was wiping myself when I noticed the toilet paper had some RED stains/residue/mark. At first I thought my period came, but, my period just came last week so it can’t be. Then I thought that maybe my anus was bleeding, but it can’t be as well cause it didn’t hurt. Lol

Few moments later did I realise that I had a sudden huge dose of red fibres that dyed my poop red. Haha. I found it hilarious and texted my parents and WC immediately.


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