First Haircut of the Year

I got up fairly early today to clean and vacuum the internal of the Latio before heading out to meet WC. Usually it takes more or less 30 minutes to go to WC’s home from mine. But today it took me about an hour to get there. Wait till you read about my trip home.

We went to the gym at Damai for about an hour.WC said I need to do more cardio. I ran about 30 minutes at 8.5 km/h speed while watching the very first episode of PLL Season 5! Watching the show through my tiny iPhone SE screen was quite annoying. My eye level goes up and down when I run so my vision for the phone screen is quite blurry.

I was quite jealous of the guy with the big ass tablet. Anyways, the run wasn’t that tiring at first since I was so focused on the show. After the run, I did some weighted lunges and some cycling to end the first workout of the year (literally). After a quick shower, we headed to Wendy’s for lunch.

We had a little bit of a bad experience at Wendy’s today. WC ordered the double Chicken Mushroom Melt for me but they gave us beef. When I went back to the counter to questions it, the waiter said that we didn’t mention we wanted chicken so beef was the default. I was pretty sure WC mentioned chicken, but since I wasn’t the one ordering, I just remained silent and waited for me new burger.

After lunch we went back to Damai cause WC wanted some photos for an Airbnb listing. I tried to be useful while he was doing his thing. Haha. I think he was done taking photos around 3.30 pm and when we arrived at the hair salon near Batu Caves, it was almost 4 pm. Initially at the beginning of the day I was targeting to head home around 4 pm to avoid the after office hours crowd.

This hair salon that we went to today is WC’s go to hairdresser. This lady has been cutting WC’s bushy hair since he was a kid! WC has always raved about it so I thought I’d give it a try. Plus I wasn’t super impressed with me last haircut. The hairdresser’s name is Nee, if I’m not mistaken. Her salon is above a mechanic workshop that her husband runs.

I had my hair washed first before giving it a trim. I loved the way she washed my hair, she took her time scrubbing my scalp and just giving it a good salon wash. I could almost fall asleep. I also really liked the way she took time to cut my hair. According to WC, she attended hair styling courses.

I’m not sure if I’m biased cause she is WC’s go to hairdresser, but I enjoyed my hair wash and hair cut. There were 2 other customers after me (one of them WC), but she still took her time to tend to my hair and did not rush to finish cutting my hair so that she can tend to other customers.

There was this guy who came after us that waited pretty long. The hairdresser didn’t let that get to her and cut WC’s alpaca hair nicely and skillfully. Both of us took at least an hour of the hairdresser’s time, poor guy had to wait so long! Both our haircut totalled to RM 50. Mine RM 30 and WC’s RM 20.

I think my mom would like this hairdresser, I can try recommending it to her. After our haircut, I dropped WC home and started my 2 hours plus journey home. Oh my God the traffic jam was terrible! There was one point the car behind me gave me a little knock. I called dad and he said to just let it be cause since it’s a small knock there’s nothing much  you can do about it.

But I jotted down the number plate of the car that gave me a little knock – AHM 6533, it was a silver Proton Saga. If this guy ever wants to tell me sorry, please do so. I would really appreciate it. When I finally got home, my dinner was some leftovers from last Friday. Lol. Also packed my boxdrobe, if you get what I mean.

Since mid of last year, I started transferring the items from my wardrobe into clear plastic boxes that I got from IKEA. I didn’t really like the wardrobes that I had cause both (I had 2 wardrobes) had some defects. I also wanted to organise my space better so I thought packing them in boxes and also using a clothes rack for hanging items would be good.

So far it’s been working good for me, except the times where I pack for hostel and come back for a few days, the system goes haywire for a bit. But once I repack, everything goes back to normal. I also thought that this idea would be great in case I wanna move out in the future, my clothes are pretty much good to go!


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