First 收工酒

Woke up, did some laundry and helped feed the dogs. Dad came home from work with food! I had the Herbal Chicken Rice for brunch before spending most of my day helping dad clean the altar. What I did mostly was polishing the urn and candle holders.

This is a before and after of part of one of the candle holder. Although a little scratched, it looks almost brand new!

These are the polished candle holders! I love how shiny they look. One of the most annoying thing about cleaning candle holders is cleaning off the old wax. At first I tried heating it away. But my dad had a smart technique which is soaking the candle holder parts in hot water then using a paper towel to wipe it clean once the wax has been melted off.

This is a half polished urn! In the yesteryears, my siblings and I used to challenge each other with who can polish the shiniest. However in the recent years, dad’s helping hands have reduced. I always try to help whenever I can cause this year there’s only Jon and I home. And Jon is always (so he says) busy. So yeah.

2 years ago, in 2015, dad got admitted to the hospital a few days before CNY. He couldn’t be home to prepare the altar for CNY so I took charge and did almost everything on my own! I cleaned the altar, changed the fabric and flowers, polished (with the help of Jon I think) and everything in between. I was so proud of myself then.

This morning also, before I started helping dad with the altar, I vacuumed and scrubbed the Latio’s mat. It was quite dirty and I want to clean it thoroughly before the CNY. Tomorrow before heading out I’m gonna vacuum the internal of the car before putting the floor mat and seat mat back in.

Tonight mom, dad and I attended this 收工酒, literally translates as end of work dinner. I guess it’s one of those dinners before CNY. This dinner was organised by the Longivitology community in Bukit Anggerik. My dad is starting to be quite active with the volunteer work there.

I mentioned earlier that my dad got admitted 2 years ago, this longivitology teaching/technique/art (I have no idea how to describe it) helped my dad heal from the blood clot in his brain. He recovered fairly quickly without the need of surgery! Over time dad sort of drag mom and I into this. I’ve learnt it but have not been practising much.

I was initially reluctant to go to this dinner because I didn’t really know anyone there. But turns out the dinner was pretty fun! It’s always fascinating and interesting to listen to older folks or elderly talk and share their stories. Frankly, I enjoyed the dinner. I’m glad my dad talked me into joining him and mom.

I also had my second Yee Sang in 2 days! SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS DISH! And today’s one was so much bigger than yesterday’s. It even has more crunch and not to mention jellyfish and salmon were added too (since today’s meal wasn’t vegetarian)! I wish this dish was served yearly.

I think, if someone opens a place that serves Yee Sang all year round, it would be a hit.


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