4 in 1

Didn’t have time to blog daily during the last 4 days! Here’s a quick update.

Page 18 of 365

I finished all the required pre-hydrolysis characterisation studies for my FYP. Spent most of my day watching Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars. Season 4 is by far the most exciting season of PLL to me. Had McD for dinner. I tried Chicken McDeluxe for the first time and I don’t like it. It’s just like McChicken with cheese and tomato.

Also watched Sausage Party with WC. It was a very vulgar animation. Lol. But it was fun and interesting to watch. The villain was a douche. Initially both of us didn’t know what I douche was. All I know about douche is that sometimes people call some other people douchebag cause they are an arse or mean.

But the following day I googled what a douche is and in short it is a device used to rinse the vagina. Generally people know douche as a word to describe horrible people but actually, it is adapted from a device. Pretty cool fact ey.

I received loads of messages on Carousell regarding a Lenovo tablet I’m selling on behalf of my brother. My bro won this Lenovo tablet and he asked me to sell it for him. I posted it on Carousell and finally made a deal with this guy called Keith. Arranged to meet him on Friday at Cheras Sentral for COD.

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Watched Stork with WC and I thought that it was a great movie! I loved the concept of babies delivered by stork. Although it opposes to reality, but the magical concept of it is just so fun to watch. I’d totally recommend this movie to everyone. Maybe if you just don’t feel like explaining the birds and the bees to your kids yet, watch this movie with them!

WC and I had Spade’s Burger for lunch, and then I had a last meeting with my FYP supervisor where she briefed us a little on the theories of Minitab. I’m so glad I manage to finish the pre-lab characterisation studies. I also got back my Particle Size Analysis results. Mr Mokhtar was really nice and he even emailed me a copy of my results.

I totally binge watched PLL on Wednesday and Thursday. [PLL Spoilers] Just in case you’re just getting into this series, I know it’s almost end of season 7 now. So what got me hooked on in season 4 was the fact that Ezra has a double life (is this the right way to put it?) and that Alison was 100% confirmed alive.

WC and I had dinner with Soo at the air-conditioned tomyam place in Nibong Tebal. And for second round we went to Dragon Ball for bubble tea. Today’s bubble tea was pretty disappointing. Cause the pearls were quite hard and Soo’s drink had some plastic in it. I used to really like this place, but I don’t think I’m coming here again.

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I watched PLL till I finished Season 4 before I started packing for home. WC was ready to head home since a week ago. Haha. We had a quick breakfast at a kopitiam and started our journey back to KL. At noon, we stopped by a rest area and had A&W for lunch and reached KL about 2 pm I think.

After dropping WC home, I headed home to get the tablet before going to Cheras Sentral. Met up with Keith for like less than 30 secs for the exchange of item and money. Sold it for RM 200. Jon gave me 50% of it. So glad for my first Carousell transaction and I hope to have more in the future!

Spent my night changing my bed sheets, and settling down in my room for the next 3 weeks (more like 2).

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Woke up pretty late cause my bed at home is so comfy and cozy! Dad and I had leftovers, that Jon tapao-ed back last night, for quick lunch before heading to Yee Ling Temple for prayers. I had quite a grumpy time in the temple because of the slow and not systematic way of workers there.

3 in 1

Dad found it quite amusing that the temple has a Facebook page. Welcome to the 21st century. We spent almost 2 hours in the temple before heading to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to pick my Aunt Har Ying from Adelaide. Then we headed to Petaling Jaya to drop of my Aunt Har Ying at my Uncle Khai Ming’s place.

3 in 1

We also had dinner at this Korean Restaurant called San Nae Deul in Empire Damansara. It was RM 45 per pax for BBQ buffet dinner. The food was pretty good. We had a big group of 13 people. I think Korean BBQ works better for smaller groups. Sometimes I can’t understand why all Korean BBQ places have such small tables.

You know there will be the BBQ stove, and the Korean side dishes, and the veggies, and the meats and any other extra stuffs. There is always not enough space! I was such an odd potato during dinner. I kept myself busy by cooking the meat. Today’s dinner was to celebrate my Uncle Khai Ming’s 60th birthday.

3 in 1

Here’s a pretty car to end this post.


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