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I had a pretty productive morning! I bought bread yesterday so today I had proper breakfast before heading to the lab. My supervisor wasn’t on time, which isn’t a surprise. I managed to all of the approval signature I need from her this morning and submitted my samples for XRD, Particle Size Analysis and ash content.

For the FESEM testing, I will only do it when the semester reopens cause apparently I had to book a slot for it. And people start queuing up on Monday morning for one of the 10 slots in a week. If only my lecturer told me in advance, I would have booked a slot in the beginning of the week. I would even wait outside the lab at 7.30 am in the morning if I have to.

By lunch I was done for the day. Standard lunch with WC at Weipin and after lunch I had to buy some CDs cause the technicians will give me the results for XRD and Particle Size Analysis in the CDs. I don’t understand why they can’t just email the results to us. It’s free and more convenient.

I spent the afternoon indulging in some Pretty Little Liars. I’m almost in mid Season 4. I haven’t exactly started packing for home yet cause I still have to live in my room for another 2 days and if I start packing already it’s going to feel different. As much as I love my room here, I kinda can’t wait to go home.

WC and I had dinner at Shangrila. One of our go-to places if we want reasonably priced dinner in an air-conditioned room. WC had the Country Style Barbecue Chicken Chop and I had my all time favourite Singapore Fried Meehoon. Also ordered a mushroom soup to share. Fun fact about this place is they provide unlimited free table water.


This is quite a bad photo. Haha. I especially like it without the fried onions on top.


Here’s a photo of a cat in my hostel to compensate the bad food photography. Haha


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