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No lab work or workshop task for me today for my FYP. So this week’s task, I plan to submit all the necessary samples and forms for the characterisation study of my sample.

But I couldn’t do much today because my supervisor told me that if I don’t understand what the characterisation study is about, she won’t approve my application form. So my task for the day was to understand the characterisation studies for the bamboo sawdust.

I actually have 2 samples, the other one being synthetic manganese oxide. But we don’t have that sample yet so I’m only working with the bamboo sawdust for now. The 4 characterisation studies that I intend to submit by Thursday are X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM), Particle Size Analysis and Ash Content.

Apart from reading a little of these characterisation techniques today, I’ve also printed the necessary forms for the submission and hopefully I can get them done by tomorrow. I can’t afford to waste anymore time. I also gotta finalise my FYP proposal soon!


One of the highlights of today was playing CS GO! I received this as a gift on Steam from WC end of last year. I love playing games despite being terrible at them. I think it’s the first time playing CS GO this year today and boy was my adrenaline pumping. I played 2 matches with WC and another 3 matches with WC and Liang.

Liang was good at this game, just as with other games. Haha. I played pretty well today I think! I even was MVP for one of the matches, though not comparable to WC or Liang. My kills are still on single digits. WC said I improved a lot and that it’s time to teach me tips and tricks on how to play efficiently. Woohoo!

Also, I finally learnt how to diffuse a bomb today. Lol. In one of the matches, I was the last survivor and all we needed to win that match was to diffuse the bomb, and I didn’t know how. So I just stood there at the bomb till it blew. Silly me. Anyhow it was so much fun playing CS GO today. I hope I can play again soon!

WC and I had lunch at Weipin (again) and for dinner we went to this new place we haven’t tried before called Kopitan Classic in Parit Buntar.  The food was alright, the concept of this restaurant is similar to Old Town and Papparich.

Green Tea Oreo

I also tried the Green Tea Oreo today!

Green Tea Oreo

It was super duper yummy. I would totally buy this again if it was much cheaper!


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