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My day started off with proper breakfast! Had nasi lemak with WC and Liang at the nasi lemak place beside the longkang (drain). I also had 2 roti kosong. Then I headed to the lab to get sieves of 2 sizes from the Mr Junaidi – 212 micron meter and 75 micron meter.

Next my FYP supervisor wanted to meet with the FYP students under her. It was a long wait to my turn. Luckily I didn’t spend too much time on my proposal last night, cause she only wanted to see the methodology part this morning. And it was the only part that I corrected.

After meeting my FYP supervisor, I started to sieve my bamboo sawdust. I sieved them for about 30 minutes before lunch and another 30 minutes after lunch. There’s a 3 hour lunch break on Fridays due to the Friday prayers (solat Jumaat). I am so glad that I manage to do most of the sample preparation this week!

A couple of my friends are only starting today and Friday is one of the worst days to start because of the long lunch breaks and the fact that the labs and workshops will be close on weekends so you can’t leave your sample to dry in the oven overnight. Kak Dayah taught us how to use Minitab 16 too as all of us will be using it to design our experiments.


These are sized at -300 micron meter and +212 micron meter.


These are sized at -212 micron meter and +75 micron meter.


The sample sized at -75 micron meter is in the bottle wrapped in aluminium foil. Will try and get a photo of it next time! This is my little corner in the workshop where I sort of store my samples at. Sometimes I hate using my phone in the workshop because the place is so dusty and I hate touching my phone when my hands are dusty.

Guess what, I may have to carry out 14 experiments. Bless my soul. Haha. WC and I had our typical economy rice lunch and for dinner we went to this place we call youtiao place or what most people would call it 99. I had a plate of rice, some chicken and some fried chicken skin. I would call it chicken rice but it isn’t the typical Hainanese chicken rice.

After dinner I went and bought youtiao! I was literally the first customer cause when I ordered they were still preparing. While waiting for our youtiao, there was this biscuit mobile store that opens only on Fridays. I bought some old school biscuits to snack on when I’m bored and hungry in my room. Haha


The fresh youtiao was delicious! Actually only the long fried dough are called youtiao. The sesame one I like is called huaji I think, and the other one is the glutinous rice ones. Finally played some Dota 2 with WC and AIs. One of my favourite past times with WC. I love playing video games but most of the time I suck at it. So thankful to have someone who’s willing to play with me.


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