First Mac and Cheese in 2017

My day started off early as usual, went to the lab to reweigh my samples after drying in the vacuum oven overnight. There was still a decrease in weight. So I put them in the oven for another 2 hours. Then I went back to my room to have some breakfast and did some laundry. At 10.45 am, I repeated the process of reweighing my samples and putting them back in the oven for another 3 hours.

WC and I had economy rice for lunch at Weipin, WC’s favourite place. I also went and bought some aluminium foil because apparently I need to protect my samples with that. I wonder why my supervisor didn’t mention all the nitty gritty information I have to take note of for my FYP.

After lunch I went back to the workshop to reweigh my samples. They have pretty much reached a constant weight, meaning it is pretty much completely dry and ready for the shredding process. This is what my samples look like fresh out of the oven.


Next, Mr Norshahrizol taught me how to use the mini crusher to reduce the size of my sample. It was a really easy task. I was a bit afraid and extra cautious of the shredder because I had a bad experience with a paper shredder. Mr Norshahrizol told me to to take a break and let the machine rest every 10 minutes.

I thought it was going to be a long process but I finished grinding about one third of my samples in 45 minutes. The weight of my sample keeps reducing then transitioning into different procedures and processes. I started with about 2 kg worth of samples, and after the cutting process I was left with about 1.75 kg. It’s probably less than that now.


This is the mini crusher used to shred my sample. The photo above shows the machine when it’s switched off. I used a -300 micron meter filter for it.


And when it’s switched on, it’s like this big balloon-thing, which I think is quite cute. Haha. I saved about 1 kg of cut sample and shredded the rest. Also my supervisor wanted to see my latest proposal today, but I told her tomorrow cause I’m not done amending it. It’s just me and my proposal tonight.

Before I left the workshop today, I met with Mr Junaidi. He is in charge of the sieves in the workshop. There’s also Mrs Mahani but I think I trust Mr Junaidi more on this. I’m so close to achieving the FYP goal of the week! I can’t wait for the weekend. Doing my FYP is pretty tiring even though I manage my own breaks.

WC cooked Mac and Cheese for dinner! Semi from scratch, not out of a box. He bought a packet of macaronis a while back and has cooked Mac and Cheese once and he just wants to finish off his ingredients since it’s time for us to head home soon. He boiled the macaronis and added a can of cheese and herbs cause to it.

Mac & Cheese

I know it doesn’t look appealing but it tastes wonderful! Thanks love.


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