Before I talk about the first movie that I’m watching this year (in the cinemas), a brief update on my FYP!

Oh my God, I just noticed the horizontal line formatting function. I’ve been using a dash to section parts of a post. Alright moving on to my FYP, I got up pretty early headed to the workshop to collect my samples and weigh them. After 18 hours of oven drying at 70 degrees Celsius, the weight of my bamboo samples reduced by 0.09 kg. 


This is the dried bamboo right out of the oven.


On average, it’s about 23 cm – 24 cm per sample.

Next I grabbed some breakfast (hash browns and a sausage) and headed back to the workshop to cut my samples into smaller pieces, also known as size reduction. Mr Norshahrizol showed me how to use the band saw machine and I cut the rest of the samples on my own. 

The cutting process was so fun yet so boring. I had about 2 kg worth of samples to cut, and the cutting speed wasn’t speedy. At first, it was so slow that I felt like I wouldn’t be able to finish cutting today. However, after a few runs, I became such a pro at it that by lunch time, I was almost done!


My progress right before I took a break for lunch.

I had fried rice for lunch with WC. Xian Yun was packing the whole of last night and this morning as she was heading home today. At 2pm I headed back to the workshop to complete the cutting process. I enjoyed using the old rusty band saw machine in my school. If the blades were sharper and better, I think I could’ve done it quicker.


The average size of the cut bamboo samples.

I borrowed 4 extra trays from Mrs Mahani cause I didn’t want my samples stacked on each other too much. I also set the oven to a higher temperature today, hoping it will help with the drying process. I’ll be collecting it early tomorrow as usual. I also hope that I can complete the shredding process by tomorrow!

WC and I caught the 6.20 pm Passengers movie at LFS. I was so hungry before the movie so we went and grab some chips at Mydin (cause it’s cheaper) before heading to the cinemas. I thought the movie was pretty cool and interesting. I enjoyed it. I was really tired today and didn’t get a chance to nap.

I told WC if the movie was boring I might fall asleep in the movie hall. But I didn’t. Haha. After the movie we dropped by Mr DIY where I got a dust mask for my FYP and also a bar soap holder. Next we had Marry Browns for dinner and a little sprinkle of dessert before heading back.

Update on WC’s thought of the movie:

12/01/2017 – After the movie yesterday, I asked WC how was the movie and as usual his typical answer for almost anything that he don’t hate was okay la. Anyway I guess he has been thinking about the movie because today during lunch he told me that the movie Passengers was stupid. Haha

First of all, he said that Jim and Aurora could both take turns hibernating in the AutoDoc, 44 years each. And when they arrive in Homestead II, they’ll be old but still together, and Aurora can still achieve her dream of going back to earth. Thought she will be kinda old, say in her sixties or seventies, but she could still realise her dream.

Next, WC said that since Jim was an engineer cum mechanic, he could have figured out a way to make the AutoDoc fit 2 person. Or, he could have woken one of the technicians and got him to fix their hibernation pod. But I guess they need a hibernation facility for all the hibernation technology.

And guess what, LFS cut out all the make love scenes. Damn. I read somewhere that there would be Chris Pratt’s bare butt scene in the movie. I paid for movie tickets, not censored movie tickets.


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