FYP Commencement

My final year project (FYP) sort of commenced today. Previously the only thing I’ve done for my FYP is it’s proposal and also sample collection.

My FYP supervisor texted the FYP students and said to meet her at 8.30 am today in Mr Kemuridan’s lab. I arrived at 8.37 am cause I got held up in bed. Haha. And guess what, when I arrived (late), there wasn’t a single soul in the lab. I texted my supervisor. At 9 am she replied me saying she was just about to leave her home cause her kid was not feeling well. Okay.

My supervisor initially only gave us a week off during the whole semester break but I told her no way! Cause I have to prep for Chinese New Year (CNY), then it’s CNY and I also have a graduation-ish trip to Bangkok with my schoolmates. So I need at least 3 weeks off! And apparently I had a lot to do.

So today I weighed the samples that I got from FRIM which I sun dried a little at home. It was exactly 5 kg! I thought it was amazing. Next, I took about 2 kg of bamboo for myself, washed them a little and sun dried them again. I left the rest of the bamboo for Ghaz.

I wanted to oven dry my samples after lunch, but I didn’t know that I need my own tray in advance. I thought this was something that needs to be mentioned during the initial briefing and all. They told me to look for it myself and/or borrow it from someone. But who do I start asking?

So I end up buying my own tray, for RM12. I thought it was quite pricey for a small tray. A technician, Mr Norshahrizol allowed me to use his vacuum oven for the drying process. After lunch, I reweigh my samples (it’s weight reduced by 0.03 kg), and popped them in the oven at 70 degrees Celsius .

Mr Norshahrizol allowed me to dry them overnight so I’ll be collecting them and reweighing them tomorrow morning. Today was kinda productive I think. I still have to amend my FYP proposal which I intend to do at most by end of the week. Also by end of the week, I hope to obtain the required sample size for the analysis.

Got back from the lab and indulge myself in a couple episodes of Pretty Little Liars. I’m almost done with Season 3! Also went through my FYP proposal to try and refresh my memory on it. Took a short (not really) nap and when I woke up it was time for dinner. Today I went for dinner with WC and his coursemates at the noodle place under the bridge.

Since we went there to eat, my bubble tea cravings kicked in and we headed to Dragon Ball to satisfy my cravings. Wasn’t really in the mood to amend my FYP proposal so I surfed the web a little.

I downloaded an app called f.lux that I found on a Buzzfeed article. It works the same as the Night Shift function on a iPhone, but with more options. Basically it changes the colour of your computer display to adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

I really like the warm screen colour at night because my eyes are quite sensitive to light especially at night. I think it is cause by my astigmatism. However, sometimes the change in colour makes me see colours wrongly. Haha. I don’t understand how my mom needs maximum brightness on her phone all the time.



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