First CNY Cookies

Had half-boiled eggs again for breakfast.

Yesterday WC’s mom texted me and asked if I could meet her today and I replied sure. She said she wanted to pass me some Chinese New Year cookies. Both my parents thought that she wanted to pass me cookies to pass to WC, but I don’t think so. WC doesn’t really like cookies. So we agreed on meeting at the Papparich in Alam Damai.

I had a drink while waiting for her. So when she arrived, she just packed cookies for me. Apparently she just collected them. WC’s mom gave me so much cookies, even dried meat! I didn’t know what to do, nor what to say. All I did was say thank you. It was so generous of her.

When I got home, dad was like “aiya I paiseh la, never mind later we ask mommy how to solve this”. Haha. I still haven’t mastered the art of gift giving, but as for now, all I can do is say thank you. When I earn next time, I’ll give back for sure. Thanks again Aunty!

You know me and my festive cookies appetite. I opened some to try them already.

So mom sort of made me go for facial, one of the things I dread the most. Cause sometimes it hurts so bad (and they blame it on me cause they say I don’t take care of my skin well, haha). The facial today was alright. After my facial and mom and dad’s massage, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Vietz for dinner.

I think the standard of food has dropped a little since I last when there.

Pho Vietz

I had my usual meal, and my favourite avocado milkshake. After dinner, I got back home and packed. Heading back to campus tomorrow. WC sent me an adorable text.



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