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Nothing much happened today.

Dad made half boiled eggs for breakfast. My bamboo samples got a good sunbathing time. Dad and I had wantanmee for lunch at Good Taste, it used to be just outside my house in Bukit Anggerik, now it moved to Bukit Cheras.

Good Taste Wantanmee

I figured dad and I both love drinking Chrysanthemum tea. The other day while having machi noodle for breakfast, and today at lunch, we both ordered Chrysanthemum tea.

I finished watching Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars! Gonna start on Season 3 soon. Played with my dogs a little today too. The porch feels kinda empty now that 2 of our dogs passed away last year, and only 2 active dogs running around.

I helped prepare dinner today. We had a really simple dinner.

Salad 101

Kim’s simple salad.

Steamed Mince Pork Egg

Kim’s a-bit-too-dry steamed minced pork with egg.


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