Howdy dowdy. I’ve been spending the past 3 days pretty much helping out at home getting things ready for CNY. I’ve cleared my room (which is a plus cause I usually do it when I’m about to leave for hostel again), and I also helped mop the floor. Haha.

Managed to squeeze in a little gym time with WC and met up with his buds Su and Crystal. We had dim sum at Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum for lunch. To be honest, I quite dislike dim sum. Cause in my mind I always portray it as more flour than meat. However, I enjoyed my dim sum meal yesterday!


Here’s why: We didn’t over-order. Usually when I have to eat dim sum with my family, we tend to over-order, cause Jon loves dim sum. And so we always end up stuffed. Too much dim sum is kinda jelak. When I had dim sum with WC, Su and Crystal, initially I thought they didn’t order enough, lol, compared to my family. But whatever they ordered was just nice.

After dim sum we headed to Hails Soft Serve cause it was just a stone throw away to grab dessert! I was supper excited when Crystal mentioned it cause I’ve been wanting to try it ever since I saw it featured by Insider. I really wanted to try the lady grey tea infused flavoured ice cream but they didn’t have it that day. So I tried the blue pea gula melaka. It was not bad.

Today is CNY eve. Where we mostly spend our time finalising the preparations of ourselves and our home for CNY I guess. Haha. I spent my morning helping out dad outside with the dogs. I have an achievement today! I cut all the dogs’ nails successfully on my own! Previously, I was always afraid to cut them cause they were afraid and they struggled which made me afraid I might hurt them.

One time, the first time I tried cutting a dog’s nail on my own, it was late Chako’s paw nail. It was so long that I wanted to cut it as short as I can (even though dad said to just cut the sharp part off). But I didn’t listen and cut it really short to her paw, blood oozed out and she yelped! And for a while I was afraid to cut nails for dogs.

But today, I saw that little Mireille’s nails was pretty long. And I think she hasn’t had her nails cut before. So I thought, if I could create a good first nail cut experience with her, it would be great for both Mireille and I. So I picked up all my nail cutting courage and cut her nails.And it went well! I ended up cutting nails for Angel, Stanley and Sandy too.

I spent my afternoon assisting mom with the CNY Reunion Dinner preparation. Haha. I did stuff like chopping the garlic and ginger and washing the green veggies. We manage to do settle most of the stuff pretty quickly. We had a total of 7 dishes this year for 4 pax! We finished everything except for the green raw veggies and chicken.


Tadaa! Only the yee sang and fatt choi dish were bought, others my mom prepared (with her trusty assistant Kim). This year is the first year we had yee sang at home. Here’s a funny story, after we mixed the yee sang only then I realised that we forgot to add in the raw salmon that was still in the fridge. Haha. I literally finished half of the yee sang.


This is my wonderful working mom that still manages to prepare such a wholesome reunion dinner.


My awesome folks that did 90% of the CNY preps! Speaking of that, I really wished Jon would have voluntarily helped out more at home. God he didn’t have to go to work today and all he did during his free time at home is camp out in front of his computer! After dinner, I thought that he would volunteer to do the dishes cause pretty much didn’t do anything at home today. But he didn’t, until I sounded him.

And because of his behaviour / attitude, sometime it makes me grumpy or impatient cause I feel like I’m doing my part and he isn’t doing a single thing. I do hope that my bro turns into a new leaf, or at least grow into a greener leaf (lol, does that make sense) in the new year of the rooster. Hopefully he becomes more reliable and useful.

I’m not talking bad about my brother, he’s a great guy, smart and/or funny at times, but he has so much to improve on given his age. There’s so much of him that I don’t want to be when I am his age. I too know that I’m flawed and have a lot to work on myself. Bring it on cock year.


First Haircut of the Year

I got up fairly early today to clean and vacuum the internal of the Latio before heading out to meet WC. Usually it takes more or less 30 minutes to go to WC’s home from mine. But today it took me about an hour to get there. Wait till you read about my trip home.

We went to the gym at Damai for about an hour.WC said I need to do more cardio. I ran about 30 minutes at 8.5 km/h speed while watching the very first episode of PLL Season 5! Watching the show through my tiny iPhone SE screen was quite annoying. My eye level goes up and down when I run so my vision for the phone screen is quite blurry.

I was quite jealous of the guy with the big ass tablet. Anyways, the run wasn’t that tiring at first since I was so focused on the show. After the run, I did some weighted lunges and some cycling to end the first workout of the year (literally). After a quick shower, we headed to Wendy’s for lunch.

We had a little bit of a bad experience at Wendy’s today. WC ordered the double Chicken Mushroom Melt for me but they gave us beef. When I went back to the counter to questions it, the waiter said that we didn’t mention we wanted chicken so beef was the default. I was pretty sure WC mentioned chicken, but since I wasn’t the one ordering, I just remained silent and waited for me new burger.

After lunch we went back to Damai cause WC wanted some photos for an Airbnb listing. I tried to be useful while he was doing his thing. Haha. I think he was done taking photos around 3.30 pm and when we arrived at the hair salon near Batu Caves, it was almost 4 pm. Initially at the beginning of the day I was targeting to head home around 4 pm to avoid the after office hours crowd.

This hair salon that we went to today is WC’s go to hairdresser. This lady has been cutting WC’s bushy hair since he was a kid! WC has always raved about it so I thought I’d give it a try. Plus I wasn’t super impressed with me last haircut. The hairdresser’s name is Nee, if I’m not mistaken. Her salon is above a mechanic workshop that her husband runs.

I had my hair washed first before giving it a trim. I loved the way she washed my hair, she took her time scrubbing my scalp and just giving it a good salon wash. I could almost fall asleep. I also really liked the way she took time to cut my hair. According to WC, she attended hair styling courses.

I’m not sure if I’m biased cause she is WC’s go to hairdresser, but I enjoyed my hair wash and hair cut. There were 2 other customers after me (one of them WC), but she still took her time to tend to my hair and did not rush to finish cutting my hair so that she can tend to other customers.

There was this guy who came after us that waited pretty long. The hairdresser didn’t let that get to her and cut WC’s alpaca hair nicely and skillfully. Both of us took at least an hour of the hairdresser’s time, poor guy had to wait so long! Both our haircut totalled to RM 50. Mine RM 30 and WC’s RM 20.

I think my mom would like this hairdresser, I can try recommending it to her. After our haircut, I dropped WC home and started my 2 hours plus journey home. Oh my God the traffic jam was terrible! There was one point the car behind me gave me a little knock. I called dad and he said to just let it be cause since it’s a small knock there’s nothing much  you can do about it.

But I jotted down the number plate of the car that gave me a little knock – AHM 6533, it was a silver Proton Saga. If this guy ever wants to tell me sorry, please do so. I would really appreciate it. When I finally got home, my dinner was some leftovers from last Friday. Lol. Also packed my boxdrobe, if you get what I mean.

Since mid of last year, I started transferring the items from my wardrobe into clear plastic boxes that I got from IKEA. I didn’t really like the wardrobes that I had cause both (I had 2 wardrobes) had some defects. I also wanted to organise my space better so I thought packing them in boxes and also using a clothes rack for hanging items would be good.

So far it’s been working good for me, except the times where I pack for hostel and come back for a few days, the system goes haywire for a bit. But once I repack, everything goes back to normal. I also thought that this idea would be great in case I wanna move out in the future, my clothes are pretty much good to go!


First 收工酒

Woke up, did some laundry and helped feed the dogs. Dad came home from work with food! I had the Herbal Chicken Rice for brunch before spending most of my day helping dad clean the altar. What I did mostly was polishing the urn and candle holders.

This is a before and after of part of one of the candle holder. Although a little scratched, it looks almost brand new!

These are the polished candle holders! I love how shiny they look. One of the most annoying thing about cleaning candle holders is cleaning off the old wax. At first I tried heating it away. But my dad had a smart technique which is soaking the candle holder parts in hot water then using a paper towel to wipe it clean once the wax has been melted off.

This is a half polished urn! In the yesteryears, my siblings and I used to challenge each other with who can polish the shiniest. However in the recent years, dad’s helping hands have reduced. I always try to help whenever I can cause this year there’s only Jon and I home. And Jon is always (so he says) busy. So yeah.

2 years ago, in 2015, dad got admitted to the hospital a few days before CNY. He couldn’t be home to prepare the altar for CNY so I took charge and did almost everything on my own! I cleaned the altar, changed the fabric and flowers, polished (with the help of Jon I think) and everything in between. I was so proud of myself then.

This morning also, before I started helping dad with the altar, I vacuumed and scrubbed the Latio’s mat. It was quite dirty and I want to clean it thoroughly before the CNY. Tomorrow before heading out I’m gonna vacuum the internal of the car before putting the floor mat and seat mat back in.

Tonight mom, dad and I attended this 收工酒, literally translates as end of work dinner. I guess it’s one of those dinners before CNY. This dinner was organised by the Longivitology community in Bukit Anggerik. My dad is starting to be quite active with the volunteer work there.

I mentioned earlier that my dad got admitted 2 years ago, this longivitology teaching/technique/art (I have no idea how to describe it) helped my dad heal from the blood clot in his brain. He recovered fairly quickly without the need of surgery! Over time dad sort of drag mom and I into this. I’ve learnt it but have not been practising much.

I was initially reluctant to go to this dinner because I didn’t really know anyone there. But turns out the dinner was pretty fun! It’s always fascinating and interesting to listen to older folks or elderly talk and share their stories. Frankly, I enjoyed the dinner. I’m glad my dad talked me into joining him and mom.

I also had my second Yee Sang in 2 days! SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS DISH! And today’s one was so much bigger than yesterday’s. It even has more crunch and not to mention jellyfish and salmon were added too (since today’s meal wasn’t vegetarian)! I wish this dish was served yearly.

I think, if someone opens a place that serves Yee Sang all year round, it would be a hit.


CNY Reunion Dinner 1.0

I was supposed to follow mom and dad to the market this morning. I woke up at 6 am, brushed my teeth, changes and went back to bed to wait (nap/sleep) for my parents to call me when they wake up. But they left without me. Lol.

I spent most of my day doing the laundry, hanging rounds after rounds of laundry and collecting them whenever they are dry. It was a nice sunny day for laundry today. I also cleaned the ceiling fans downstairs and also put up the curtains in Mel’s room.

When I write it down it doesn’t seem like I’ve done a lot. But when I actually do it, it feels like it takes forever to get done. I’m pretty much solely the extra pair of hands mom and dad have for the CNY preparations. I really need to work more efficiently to get things done.

My family had our early CNY Reunion Dinner with Uncle Jesmond and his family at this vegetarian restaurant called Fan Cai Xiang. Guess what, mom, Jon and I had a McD set meal at around 5 pm so at dinner time we were still stuffed. Awesome mom buys McD meals for her kids. Haha. Thank you mommy.

First dish was Yee Sang, also known as Yu Sheng or Lou Sang or Prosperity Toss in English (by Wikipedia). One of my favourite dish during the CNY season is Yee Sang cause I love the crunch in it. I don’t care if my portion has no salmon, as long as I have a decent amount of crackers in mine, that’s fine with me. Haha.


This is a vegetarian version of the Yee Sang. Plenty of crunch so I love it! Didn’t take any pictures of the rest of the dishes but all of them tasted good. Fan Cai Xiang is a good place to go if you’re looking for yummy vegetarian food.

After dinner we sat and chatted with pots after pots of Chinese Tea. Haha. When we got home, I helped dad feed the dogs. Here are some photos of Angel and Mireille that I took tonight. Angel is the tiniest and Mireille is the youngest.


I wanted to keep my shoes that I brought home in boxes. So I opened a box and put it on the floor, and Angel happily jumped in and settle down.


A photo of Mireille with Angel in the background. It’s so hard to capture animals, especially hyperactive dogs. Haha.


And here’s out miracle pup, Mireille.


4 in 1

Didn’t have time to blog daily during the last 4 days! Here’s a quick update.

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I finished all the required pre-hydrolysis characterisation studies for my FYP. Spent most of my day watching Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars. Season 4 is by far the most exciting season of PLL to me. Had McD for dinner. I tried Chicken McDeluxe for the first time and I don’t like it. It’s just like McChicken with cheese and tomato.

Also watched Sausage Party with WC. It was a very vulgar animation. Lol. But it was fun and interesting to watch. The villain was a douche. Initially both of us didn’t know what I douche was. All I know about douche is that sometimes people call some other people douchebag cause they are an arse or mean.

But the following day I googled what a douche is and in short it is a device used to rinse the vagina. Generally people know douche as a word to describe horrible people but actually, it is adapted from a device. Pretty cool fact ey.

I received loads of messages on Carousell regarding a Lenovo tablet I’m selling on behalf of my brother. My bro won this Lenovo tablet and he asked me to sell it for him. I posted it on Carousell and finally made a deal with this guy called Keith. Arranged to meet him on Friday at Cheras Sentral for COD.

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Watched Stork with WC and I thought that it was a great movie! I loved the concept of babies delivered by stork. Although it opposes to reality, but the magical concept of it is just so fun to watch. I’d totally recommend this movie to everyone. Maybe if you just don’t feel like explaining the birds and the bees to your kids yet, watch this movie with them!

WC and I had Spade’s Burger for lunch, and then I had a last meeting with my FYP supervisor where she briefed us a little on the theories of Minitab. I’m so glad I manage to finish the pre-lab characterisation studies. I also got back my Particle Size Analysis results. Mr Mokhtar was really nice and he even emailed me a copy of my results.

I totally binge watched PLL on Wednesday and Thursday. [PLL Spoilers] Just in case you’re just getting into this series, I know it’s almost end of season 7 now. So what got me hooked on in season 4 was the fact that Ezra has a double life (is this the right way to put it?) and that Alison was 100% confirmed alive.

WC and I had dinner with Soo at the air-conditioned tomyam place in Nibong Tebal. And for second round we went to Dragon Ball for bubble tea. Today’s bubble tea was pretty disappointing. Cause the pearls were quite hard and Soo’s drink had some plastic in it. I used to really like this place, but I don’t think I’m coming here again.

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I watched PLL till I finished Season 4 before I started packing for home. WC was ready to head home since a week ago. Haha. We had a quick breakfast at a kopitiam and started our journey back to KL. At noon, we stopped by a rest area and had A&W for lunch and reached KL about 2 pm I think.

After dropping WC home, I headed home to get the tablet before going to Cheras Sentral. Met up with Keith for like less than 30 secs for the exchange of item and money. Sold it for RM 200. Jon gave me 50% of it. So glad for my first Carousell transaction and I hope to have more in the future!

Spent my night changing my bed sheets, and settling down in my room for the next 3 weeks (more like 2).

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Woke up pretty late cause my bed at home is so comfy and cozy! Dad and I had leftovers, that Jon tapao-ed back last night, for quick lunch before heading to Yee Ling Temple for prayers. I had quite a grumpy time in the temple because of the slow and not systematic way of workers there.

3 in 1

Dad found it quite amusing that the temple has a Facebook page. Welcome to the 21st century. We spent almost 2 hours in the temple before heading to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to pick my Aunt Har Ying from Adelaide. Then we headed to Petaling Jaya to drop of my Aunt Har Ying at my Uncle Khai Ming’s place.

3 in 1

We also had dinner at this Korean Restaurant called San Nae Deul in Empire Damansara. It was RM 45 per pax for BBQ buffet dinner. The food was pretty good. We had a big group of 13 people. I think Korean BBQ works better for smaller groups. Sometimes I can’t understand why all Korean BBQ places have such small tables.

You know there will be the BBQ stove, and the Korean side dishes, and the veggies, and the meats and any other extra stuffs. There is always not enough space! I was such an odd potato during dinner. I kept myself busy by cooking the meat. Today’s dinner was to celebrate my Uncle Khai Ming’s 60th birthday.

3 in 1

Here’s a pretty car to end this post.


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I had a pretty productive morning! I bought bread yesterday so today I had proper breakfast before heading to the lab. My supervisor wasn’t on time, which isn’t a surprise. I managed to all of the approval signature I need from her this morning and submitted my samples for XRD, Particle Size Analysis and ash content.

For the FESEM testing, I will only do it when the semester reopens cause apparently I had to book a slot for it. And people start queuing up on Monday morning for one of the 10 slots in a week. If only my lecturer told me in advance, I would have booked a slot in the beginning of the week. I would even wait outside the lab at 7.30 am in the morning if I have to.

By lunch I was done for the day. Standard lunch with WC at Weipin and after lunch I had to buy some CDs cause the technicians will give me the results for XRD and Particle Size Analysis in the CDs. I don’t understand why they can’t just email the results to us. It’s free and more convenient.

I spent the afternoon indulging in some Pretty Little Liars. I’m almost in mid Season 4. I haven’t exactly started packing for home yet cause I still have to live in my room for another 2 days and if I start packing already it’s going to feel different. As much as I love my room here, I kinda can’t wait to go home.

WC and I had dinner at Shangrila. One of our go-to places if we want reasonably priced dinner in an air-conditioned room. WC had the Country Style Barbecue Chicken Chop and I had my all time favourite Singapore Fried Meehoon. Also ordered a mushroom soup to share. Fun fact about this place is they provide unlimited free table water.


This is quite a bad photo. Haha. I especially like it without the fried onions on top.


Here’s a photo of a cat in my hostel to compensate the bad food photography. Haha


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No lab work or workshop task for me today for my FYP. So this week’s task, I plan to submit all the necessary samples and forms for the characterisation study of my sample.

But I couldn’t do much today because my supervisor told me that if I don’t understand what the characterisation study is about, she won’t approve my application form. So my task for the day was to understand the characterisation studies for the bamboo sawdust.

I actually have 2 samples, the other one being synthetic manganese oxide. But we don’t have that sample yet so I’m only working with the bamboo sawdust for now. The 4 characterisation studies that I intend to submit by Thursday are X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM), Particle Size Analysis and Ash Content.

Apart from reading a little of these characterisation techniques today, I’ve also printed the necessary forms for the submission and hopefully I can get them done by tomorrow. I can’t afford to waste anymore time. I also gotta finalise my FYP proposal soon!


One of the highlights of today was playing CS GO! I received this as a gift on Steam from WC end of last year. I love playing games despite being terrible at them. I think it’s the first time playing CS GO this year today and boy was my adrenaline pumping. I played 2 matches with WC and another 3 matches with WC and Liang.

Liang was good at this game, just as with other games. Haha. I played pretty well today I think! I even was MVP for one of the matches, though not comparable to WC or Liang. My kills are still on single digits. WC said I improved a lot and that it’s time to teach me tips and tricks on how to play efficiently. Woohoo!

Also, I finally learnt how to diffuse a bomb today. Lol. In one of the matches, I was the last survivor and all we needed to win that match was to diffuse the bomb, and I didn’t know how. So I just stood there at the bomb till it blew. Silly me. Anyhow it was so much fun playing CS GO today. I hope I can play again soon!

WC and I had lunch at Weipin (again) and for dinner we went to this new place we haven’t tried before called Kopitan Classic in Parit Buntar.  The food was alright, the concept of this restaurant is similar to Old Town and Papparich.

Green Tea Oreo

I also tried the Green Tea Oreo today!

Green Tea Oreo

It was super duper yummy. I would totally buy this again if it was much cheaper!


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Today was a slow moving and uneventful day. I spent my day watching Pretty Little Liars and tidying up my locker. I’m heading home end of the week for the CNY break so I gotta start packing soon. I also finished Season 3 of PLL and starting on Season 4.

I had lunch with WC and Liang at Weipin and for dinner I had wantanmee with WC. Yesterday I started developing a weird rash on my body that sort of spreads and moves. WC said he had something like that before and the solution was to spam gallons of water and pee it off. Spamming water and peeing was also my frequent activity of the day. Lol



Today was great! WC and I made plans to go to the beach and do some Chinese New Year (CNY) shopping. We departed campus slightly before 9 am and detoured to McDonald’s for breakfast.


After breakfast we headed to the beach near Flamingo Hotel. It is a less commercialised beach that WC discovered some time in 2015. Today was my second time there. We spent about an hour there and headed to Gurney Plaza. We were so lucky to find a parking spot so near the entrance!

Our main purpose to a mall today was to do some CNY shopping. At the same time we tested our Converse. Before starting our mission, we fuelled ourselves with some Japanese rice bowls at Don Jori.


WC got the Oyako Don, which is chicken and egg if I’m not mistaken. He didn’t really like it cause it was quite watery.


I got the Teriyaki Chicken Don, which had teriyaki chicken and a poached egg. It was a simple dish and it tasted not bad to me. It was RM 9.99 per bowl and we also ordered one free refill drink that cost RM 2.99 where you have a choice of Coke, Coke Light and/or Green Tea.

We went into numerous stores in Gurney Plaza but somehow we couldn’t find anything that suits us. So we decided to head to Gurney Paragon, the neighbour mall. Our typical go-to stores are Uniqlo, H&M, Cotton On, and Kitschen (mostly just me). We didn’t find anything suitable in Uniqlo and H&M but we had luck in Cotton On and Kitschen!

In Cotton On, after searching high and low we found a shirt for WC that costed only RM 30! WC is quite fussy when he buys things, price is always one of the main factor. Previously, probably 2 years ago, I got WC a shirt from Cotton On and it was about RM 30 as well. We were really lucky cause most of the on sale shirts were at least RM 45.

In Kitschen , we manage to get 2 dresses for me which costed RM 50 each! It’s actually 2 identical dresses in different colours – red and grey. Both are really pretty and at that price, it was quite a good buy. That’s probably the last of my CNY shopping. I have more than enough clothes already.

We had dinner at Plan B, cause there wasn’t Plan A. Haha geddit?


We shared a cup of Ice Lemon Tea and ordered some Salted Egg Fries for starters. I loved the way they served the Ice Lemon Tea, they served the sugar syrup on the side so you can adjust the sweetness of your drink. I thought that was really cool and thoughtful. The Salted Egg Fries were really yummy too.


WC ordered the Nasi Lemak Ayam Kapitan and I think he really liked it cause the portion was huge and it tasted good. The only this he didn’t like about this dish was the cucumbers. Haha. He said it was too hard and bitter. His dish costed RM 25, which is quite a decent price for a classy large portion nasi lemak I would say.


I had the Garden Spaghettini which costed RM 18. I have no idea why they spelt spaghetti that way. I didn’t think I would enjoy this vegetarian dish but I did! The portion was a good amount and I loved the generous amount of cheese they gave. They didn’t give too much cheese that it would be overwhelming, or too little that I didn’t get the taste of it.

The Ice Lemon Tea was quite pricey at RM 9 and the Salted Egg Fries was RM 8. Lol I just realised that the drink costed more than the fries. Overall the dinner was great because we left the restaurant feeling full.


WC got me this Green Tea Oreo at this Japanese convenience store called Magstore Mini Supermarket. It was quite pricey but I love Oreo so much that I had to try it at least once.

Today has been a very fulfilling day. We probably won’t go to the mall for the whole day anytime soon because it’s so tiring! Oh and our Converse fared well. It was comfortable to walk in for a long time.


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My day started off with proper breakfast! Had nasi lemak with WC and Liang at the nasi lemak place beside the longkang (drain). I also had 2 roti kosong. Then I headed to the lab to get sieves of 2 sizes from the Mr Junaidi – 212 micron meter and 75 micron meter.

Next my FYP supervisor wanted to meet with the FYP students under her. It was a long wait to my turn. Luckily I didn’t spend too much time on my proposal last night, cause she only wanted to see the methodology part this morning. And it was the only part that I corrected.

After meeting my FYP supervisor, I started to sieve my bamboo sawdust. I sieved them for about 30 minutes before lunch and another 30 minutes after lunch. There’s a 3 hour lunch break on Fridays due to the Friday prayers (solat Jumaat). I am so glad that I manage to do most of the sample preparation this week!

A couple of my friends are only starting today and Friday is one of the worst days to start because of the long lunch breaks and the fact that the labs and workshops will be close on weekends so you can’t leave your sample to dry in the oven overnight. Kak Dayah taught us how to use Minitab 16 too as all of us will be using it to design our experiments.


These are sized at -300 micron meter and +212 micron meter.


These are sized at -212 micron meter and +75 micron meter.


The sample sized at -75 micron meter is in the bottle wrapped in aluminium foil. Will try and get a photo of it next time! This is my little corner in the workshop where I sort of store my samples at. Sometimes I hate using my phone in the workshop because the place is so dusty and I hate touching my phone when my hands are dusty.

Guess what, I may have to carry out 14 experiments. Bless my soul. Haha. WC and I had our typical economy rice lunch and for dinner we went to this place we call youtiao place or what most people would call it 99. I had a plate of rice, some chicken and some fried chicken skin. I would call it chicken rice but it isn’t the typical Hainanese chicken rice.

After dinner I went and bought youtiao! I was literally the first customer cause when I ordered they were still preparing. While waiting for our youtiao, there was this biscuit mobile store that opens only on Fridays. I bought some old school biscuits to snack on when I’m bored and hungry in my room. Haha


The fresh youtiao was delicious! Actually only the long fried dough are called youtiao. The sesame one I like is called huaji I think, and the other one is the glutinous rice ones. Finally played some Dota 2 with WC and AIs. One of my favourite past times with WC. I love playing video games but most of the time I suck at it. So thankful to have someone who’s willing to play with me.