WC Day

Yesterday was my significant other’s birthday! I’ll just call it WC Day since he doesn’t really like birthdays. WC turns 23 this year. As I’m writing this, I just realise that I have not blogged about my own birthday in March this year. Haha. I’ll do it soon!

On Sunday afternoon, WC and I went to Su’s place for a BBQ party. Su’s house was castle-like to me. So it was to celebrate his aunt’s, his dad’s and his brother’s birthday. And since WC’s birthday was around the corner, they pulled him in during the cake-cutting session. Haha.

BBQ at Su’s place was the grandest BBQ I’ve ever encountered to date. All I know about Su’s house was that occasionally WC goes there to hangout and kick his ass at 2K17. Well I got to hangout with them and watch them play 2K17 the other day and it was great the see them enjoying each other’s company. I do so envy their friendship.

Later that night, I joined WC’s family for dinner, sort of to celebrate his birthday. We had Thai cuisine at Yellow Spoon. WC and I were stuffed from the BBQ so we didn’t eat much during dinner. It was just a dinner to me, not really any celebration.

Su asked me “so what are you gonna do for his birthday?” I replied “honestly I don’t know“. It is difficult for me to buy him anything because WC doesn’t like surprises and he likes to research on items he wants/needs prior to spending any money on it. Here’s a flashback on the things I did on his previous birthdays.

The only time I ever sneakily bought him something was during his birthday in 2014. At that time he really needed a new wallet, and boy did I search high and low for something to suit his requirements. Haha. Eventually I found something and he’s still using it now. Score. I think I gave him some gummy bears too.

In 2015, it was the time when those explosive gift box thing was in trend. I knew he wouldn’t like ribbons, flowers and frills, so I made a Flash themed explosive box. Also just cause I had red stock paper with me. Haha. I did it in a rush but I think it turned out pretty good. And since we don’t have much photos together, I had to source for lovey dovey couple pics from Cony and Brown (characters from LINE). Thinking about it now makes me smile.

Can’t remember what I did for his birthday in 2016. Probably nothing just a wish.

So for this year, even though I’m home, I didn’t really have much time to think about it! Initially I wanted to create a personalised burger for him, but that would required a lot of planning and time. So I ended up inviting him over for dinner and cooking him Mac and Cheese. Haha. Something that won’t go wrong.

It was great that we got to have dinner (that I made) together and hangout for a bit on his birthday, also the actual day of the Hungry Ghost Festival (so he had to leave for home slightly earlier than usual). Haha. WC told me that although he received the least wishes this year, he felt the most celebrated.

I’m so glad to hear that. 🙂



Pikachu Plastic Model

About 2 months ago, my brother gave me a Pikachu plastic model assembly kit. Well I finally assembled it today. This is my first time putting together parts to form a plastic model. It was fairly easy and pretty fun. I took about 20 minutes constructing it, but it could be done in a much shorter time frame. I filmed the assembling process, check it out below!


What a Saturday

Long story short, I (somehow) managed to get myself a spot in the Elle x Kanebo Beauty Workshop which I had to pay the participation fee of RM 20.60 that entitles me a pair of tickets, and a Kanebo goodie bag worth RM 258.

WC (somehow) without asking much about the event agreed to go to this event with me.

Prior to the event, I assumed it was going to be in a hall with about 50 participants.  But when I arrived at the venue I was kinda shocked. Haha. Okay maybe I should’ve analysed the venue in more detail. Including WC and I, there were only less than 20 participants. And everyone was female!

From the moment I went in the room I felt so bad because WC decided to come with me. I didn’t make or force him to come but the fact that it was a setting that he dislikes just made me feel really bad. Initially he was reluctant to join me but he still ended up accompanying me. Thank you.

Because I myself was so awkward in that room alone. I knew no one, and I thought that there would be more participants so that I could just hide in the crowd. Plus we had no idea what the schedule was, which WC didn’t really fancy.

First there was yoga, WC didn’t join in at all and was using his phone. After the yoga session, the organiser came to me and told me “I know your friend is here to accompany you but if he could just try and join in“. Haha I was quite embarrassed la and tried to convince WC to just listen. No wonder the yoga lady looked so moody.

What I was expecting during the workshop, was really just WC sitting next to me and making joke and funny remarks at whatever the speaker was saying. But WC sort of sat behind me. Maybe I should’ve known what a workshop was.

Nevertheless, it was a good experience. I think Elle Malaysia is probably going to blacklist me from any events or contests in the future. Haha. If my mom was in town, I would’ve gone with her instead.

I really appreciated WC sitting in with awkward Kim. At the end of the event, WC told me that he won’t be banning this kinda event, but it would be better if there was a schedule for our reference.


A Month into Employment

Today, I received a letter from my university titled completion of studies.

So I’m done with studying (at least for now), and the next phase in my life is employment. I got my current job without much hassle. In fact, I didn’t actually apply for a job. Couple of months back, my current employer came to my campus for a recruitment. I remembered it was on a Tuesday and I had to skip the first half of my lab session to attend the interview.

It was a really simple interview. First they asked all the attendees to introduce themselves, then there was a short questionnaire for us to fill up. After that one by one, they had a short interview with each of the attendees. The interview was really brief and general, things like where I lived and where do I see myself in 10 years. Those sort of stuff.

At the end of the interview, they told me that my application will be reviewed and that they will be in touch with me. I left right after my session was done, and headed to the lab to join the rest of my 3rd year coursemates.

The following day, I overheard from my coursemates that they were recruiting only one person for an immediate vacancy position and that the person has been hired. I asked if I had any chances of getting an offer, he said no. Well at least I tried.

Couple of weeks later (even before finals), I received a text message from my current employer stating that there was a vacancy for the assistant consultant position and asked if i was interested. I replied yes! Haha. After my semester ended, I went to the office to meet with them for a discussion regarding the position.

So yeah, that’s pretty much how I got my very first big girl job, as an assistant consultant in a mining consultant firm. WC said that we were both very lucky to get a job fresh out of uni and in our field of study. I’ve been working for about a month now, and I wanted to write about me and my job thus far.


My workplace is pretty near my home, it takes me about 20 minutes to get there without any traffic. On peak hours, it takes an average of 45 minutes and at most an hour to get to work. My working hours are 9 am – 5.30 pm, I can leave home at eight in the morning and be home by 6.30 pm. This is such a contrast to when I was doing my internship in Klang, I had to leave home by 6.30 am every morning and only arrive home at 8 pm at night. Thank God that was only for 3 months.

My workplace is a really small office with only 5 staffs in total, excluding the bosses. So everyone knows everyone. It’s quite a cosy environment. In fact, one thing I noticed is that I found myself fitting in really well just within the first few weeks. I consider myself a mild socially awkward person, so I thought it was pretty amazing that I felt comfortable in my workplace.

The learning curve right now is exponential. So I guess for now this outweighs the negatives.


My basic is below average and I have close to zero benefits. Haha. I think the staff usually earn extras from overtime. For me, I would spend more time at work only if I really have to. I won’t slow down on my work speed just so I could do overtime and earn more. My time is more valuable than that.

I love listening to stories about the company, the bosses and the previous staffs from my colleagues. But when they start bad mouthing and criticising them, I will feel a bit uneasy. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. But like my parents always tell me, just take it with a pinch of salt.

My boss does not have very good sense of time. Haha. There was one Saturday he wanted to see both the assistant consultants in the morning, so I arrived in the office at 9.15 am. Better for me to wait for the boss than vice versa. He didn’t show up till about 1.10 pm, and I was on the verge of leaving the office already. Haha.

I’m only a month into employment with this mining consultant firm and when people ask me how’s work, all I can say is so far so good because I haven’t been with the company long enough to have a more elaborated answer for that question. Plus I have yet to encounter any major hiccups on the job.

But over this one month I’ve learnt plenty and that’s great. There are days when there isn’t much to do and time passes so slowly and there are days where I don’t even have time to daydream for a second.

I’m pretty sure that with any job, there are both pros and cons. There’s a 6 months probation period before I become a confirmed employee. In the meantime, I have to give it some time to see how all of it gels with my life and I.

Of Red Dragon Fruit and Beetroot

I usually bring food from home when I go to work.

Last Friday, I packed one cut red dragon fruit and dad’s fruit juice which contained beetroot to work. I arrived at work by 9 am and started indulging in my dragon fruit and juice. By 11 am, I had a huge urge to poop. Haha.

I’ve been having sufficient intake of fibre recently so I poop as fast as I pee. So after pooping I was wiping myself when I noticed the toilet paper had some RED stains/residue/mark. At first I thought my period came, but, my period just came last week so it can’t be. Then I thought that maybe my anus was bleeding, but it can’t be as well cause it didn’t hurt. Lol

Few moments later did I realise that I had a sudden huge dose of red fibres that dyed my poop red. Haha. I found it hilarious and texted my parents and WC immediately.

Phone Calls

WC and I are a text-messaging couple. We are hardly on the phone with each other and even if we are, on average it lasts less than 2 minutes. Haha. Usually our phone calls consists of immediate reminders.

The reason why (when we are apart) we communicate through text messages is (according to WC) so that our hands can be free and we can still be doing our own stuffs. Some may say that “then he or she is not giving you 100% attention”. Well we’ve gone past that phase. Haha. I used to think that way, but not anymore. There’s always a more positive explanation to that.

I like receiving phone calls, though no one really calls me and I don’t have much to say. Sometimes I get calls from Azzam and/or Naim which is always a pleasant surprise. My Mom and Dad usually wait for my calls, or they only call me when they want to inform me about something or need me to run errands. So yeah, I’m used to not having phone calls.

WC is a caveman in the 21st century that dislikes communicating thru a small screen. Haha. After a few years of good and bad communications, we have come to terms that for anything urgent we call, otherwise text messaging is preferred so that we can still be going on with our own daily routine. But of course the most ideal communication for both of us is being physically present, which is achievable a few days a week.

Anyways, a couple of days back, I was probably still recovering from jet lag and didn’t manage to fall asleep till after 4 am. Guess what, I was awoken by a phone call from WC! Haha. It was close to 1 pm (I usually wake up around 8 am, latest 10 am) when he called. He called cause he hasn’t heard from me for so long and he was worried, what a dear. His phone call made my day, probably made my week. Haha

Oh, and WC ends his calls super quick. Like that millisecond you start saying “b” in “bye”, his thumb is already at the end call icon, and the moment you reach “e”, the call has ended.



Kedah 1.0

My mid semester break for the semester is coming to an end now. I spent the first half of my break writing a bit of my thesis and carrying out experiments for my final year project.

A while back, I came across this article about Nasi Lemak flavoured ice cream by Skream Softserve and I’ve been wanting to try it. It is located in Alor Setar, which is about an hour and a half drive from my campus in Nibong Tebal. But you don’t just drive 80 miles for ice cream, at least WC wouldn’t allow that. Haha.

So I suggested a day trip (more like half day trip) to Alor Setar and WC agreed! I titled this post Kedah 1.0 cause I may visit other parts of Kedah in the future. Alor Setar is the state capital of Kedah, also the second largest city in Kedah after Sungai Petani, Kedah.

I did a little bit of research and planning prior to our day trip, the internet was my sole reference. I guess if you knew locals there would be more recommended places to go to (?). This post is my version of what to do in Alor Setar / what to eat in Alor Setar

WC and I left campus around 8.30 am and grabbed McD’s at Autocity for breakfast. Our first stop was Tun Dr Mahathir’s birthplace / Rumah Kelahiran Mahathir Mohamad.




From the name of this landmark, I assume that his mother gave birth to him in this house and not at a hospital. There were several attap dwellings around his home, there was an office, a hall, and two of them were exhibitions.

This landmark was a pretty good place to visit. It gave us an insight into the younger days of our fourth and longest-serving Prime Minister of Malaysia, from his school days to his career as a doctor. There were even trivial answers to why his name, children names and (some of) his siblings starts with the alphabet ‘M’!

His home in Alor Setar has since been labelled as a historical building and restored by the National Archives in 1992. This landmark opens 10 am – 5 pm daily (closed on Mondays). Take note that you have to remove your footwear before entering the house of any of the exhibitions. Entrance is also free of charge and there is ample parking spots!

Fun fact: WC helped a family whose manual car couldn’t start.

Location: No. 18, Lorong Kilang Ais Off Jalan Pegawai Seberang Perak, Kedah, 05000 Alor Setar, Malaysia

Next we went to Wat Nikrodharam, the only place of worship we visited, a significant Buddhist shrine in Alor Setar.



Wat is a Buddhist monastery or temple (in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos). The architecture of this temple reflects strong Thai influence and minor Chinese motifs. We didn’t exactly enter the temple, we just explored the outer grounds of the temple. It was a beautiful sanctuary, with a couple of old, kinda sickly looking stray dogs hanging around. They don’t bite or come near you so don’t worry.

There was also this room (I think) where there were a few waxed figurines of monks at an altar! It was pretty realistic and for a moment I had to double check with WC if it was real. We concluded that it was fake, but it just might be really really still monks. They were kinda creepy though.

Location: Between Jalan Telok Wanjah and Jalan Stadium, next to the city’s primary roundabout.

After the short visit to the temple, we headed to No. 8 Curry House for lunch. It may be called curry house, but it’s not your typical mamak. Initially we couldn’t find the place, either there isn’t a signboard or we didn’t see it. But it’s not hard to find if you know what it looks like.

If you see a woody, brick-y dark brown architecture with lots of plants around it, that’s the one. There’s a few parking spots in the compound of the restaurant but most people just park by the roadside. So WC and I went in and we found a spot to sit, and we waited for a moment, no one served us. Haha.

You have to go to the counter to order your food, and then they will serve you. This place is famous for its fish head curry, so we ordered that, some mutton curry, and some long beans.


I’m usually not a big fan of fish dishes but I thought that the fish head curry was great! Even the mutton and long beans tasted good. It was a satisfying meal for me. We weren’t charged for drinks so I assume that they give out free flow of beverages. They only have three choices of drinks – herbal tea, Chinese tea and table water.

Our meal costed RM 37 – fish head curry (RM 29), mutton curry (RM 3), long beans (RM 3), two servings of plain rice (RM 2). WC and I thinks that we got undercharged for the mutton curry, mutton ain’t that cheap.

Location: 8A, Jalan Lumpur, Off Jalan Putra, Alor Setar 05100, Kedah, Malaysia

Once our tummy was filled, we went to Pekan Rabu at Ukir Mall. Although Pekan Rabu literally means Wednesday (rabu) Market (pekan), it is open all week long from 9am to 7 pm. I read that Pekan Rabu sells a variety of items from tidbits to handicrafts so I had high hopes for this place cause I love food and crafty stuffs.

However, I was let down. Haha. There was just a short stretch outside Ukir Mall that sold tidbits, and there wasn’t much variety, mostly repetitive. Inside Ukir Mall, I think 80% of the stall sold Muslim clothing while the other 20% were rattan crafts and other miscellaneous stores.

The atmosphere there was pretty still, I was expecting it to be more like Central Market / Pasar Seni of Kuala Lumpur. Haha. Nevertheless, the tidbit vendors there were nice. They allowed us to sample dodols and bahulus before purchasing them. We bought RM 10 worth of dodols and RM 10 worth of bahulus. They were made fresh and fresh dodols and bahulus taste amazing!

Location: Ukir Mall, Bandar Alor Setar, 05000 Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia

Next we went to the one the most prominent landmark of Alor Setar, the Alor Setar Tower Menara Alor Setar. It serves as a telecommunications tower and also a tourist attraction. Our tickets costed RM 9 per pax. We were the only ones there when we went around 1.45 pm.


This tower is 165.5 meters tall but the observation deck is only at a height of 88 meters. So we were just slightly above half of the entire height of the tower. It was a beautiful afternoon and we had a clear view of the city with some clouds dotting the background.




On the observation deck, there were Nikon binoculars which are free of charge to use.





We spent quite a long time up there, taking photos and timelapse videos. That was the only photo of WC throughout the whole trip. Haha. There were also some stalls at the entrance of the tower, but most of them were closed. Maybe because it’s a weekday and there weren’t any crowd.


Check out this timelapse of Alor Setar Tower and its surroundings!

Location: Lot 99, Lebuhraya Darul Aman, 05100, Alor Star,Kedah Darul AmanMalaysia.

Our next stop was the Kedah Royal Museum in which we had some trouble finding because there was some ongoing construction at its main entrance. it was mid of the day and we were the second batch of visitors. The lady security guard there was really friendly and helpful, she even spoke good English!


The museum is also in the form of an attap dwelling. It is bigger than it looks. In it there were artifacts from the Sultans of Kedah, and also some interesting trivial facts. We had a pretty informative time I would say. Haha. The current Sultan of Kedah, Tuanku Adbul Halim served as the 5th and 14th Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia, first and only Sultan to hold the position twice!

Location: Medan Bandar, Kedah, 05400 Alor Setar, Malaysia

Finally our last stop is Caffe Diem that’s located in Pekan Cina! Skream Softserve is a small ice cream stand/booth located inside Caffe Diem. Both Caffe Diem and Skream Softserve operates separately. We arrived and ordered a Nasi Lemak ice cream (RM 10) from Skream Softserve.


The ice cream is made with lemongrass and coconut to recreate the flavour of Nasi Lemak, and topped with cucumber, halved quail’s egg, fried anchovies and peanuts, and not to forget sambal! Many were sceptical about this combination but I loved it! Even WC, an anti-dessert person (but a Nasi Lemak lover) said it was nice.

A couple years back WC’s coursemates asked him if he could have any flavour of ice cream, what would it be? His answer was Nasi Lemak ice cream. I guess Melissa Tan, the founder of Skream Softserve heard him. Haha.

We posted this photo online and the main response that WC got was “disgusting”, while the main response I got were doubts about the taste. Well I can assure you that it does not taste one bit disgusting. I also can’t describe the taste of the ice cream because the flavour is just unique and you have to try it for yourself to understand it. I would have loved more toppings though.

Now let me put some highlight on Caffe Diem. We ordered an iced Americano (RM 9) and it tasted amazing! We could really taste that somewhat sour aftertaste of the coffee beans. It was one flavourful concentrated long black. There was also this cake called avocado pistachio (RM 12) that caught my attention. So I tried it. And it tasted great! I think it’s cheesecake flavoured with avocados and pistachios.


Caffe Diem is a reputable and renowned cafe where even Tun Mahathir and the Sultan of Kedah have celebrated their birthdays in before (or the cafe catered for the celebration). The interior of the cafe was rustic and old school, there were even a few boats hung from the ceiling!


These boats were made for the cafe if I’m not mistaken, I saw photos in the cafe of the owner with the boat maker. Caffe Diem’s menu also looks really good I wish have a reason to head back there soon!

Location: 44-53, Jalan Penjara Lama, Bandar Alor Setar, 05000 Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia

We departed Alor Setar around 5.45 pm. Overall it was an amazing day trip and both of us had a great time. We hardly even encountered any hurdles during the whole trip. Many thanks to WC for being the best-est travel partner and for going on this trip with me.


Ignoramuses 1.0

Location: Universiti Sains Malaysia, Engineering Campus.

End of last year, WC messaged the people from Viper Challenge regarding volunteering for Great Eastern Viper Arena – Penang. This event is on a weekend and located at Batu Kawan Stadium, which is about a half an hour drive away from my campus. Joining the event as a participant is expensive, but you get paid for volunteering!

Since WC was the first person to contact the people at Viper Challenge about volunteering, they asked if he could gather people from our campus that are interested to volunteer for this event. The response was pretty amazing, with 235 respondents in less than a week.

During the registration, there were some ignoramuses visible. For example this lady.


Ms YuanTing Lim tagged her friends in the registration post, and one of her friend Ms Jane Chai asked what if they don’t have transport again. This means that they were in a situation before where they registered for something and ended up with no transport to attend an event. But Ms know-it-all (YuanTing Lim) was like don’t care.

I think that this shows how irresponsible and ignorant these people are. They do not think ahead of themselves, but just think of the present.

About a week ago, Viper Challenge emailed those who registered to volunteer for a screening session.


Many who registered voiced out that they did not receive any email. So, Viper Challenge being a responsible organiser blasted out a text message reminder of the screening session.


They even blasted out a second text message when there was a mistake in the first one. WC even posted a reminder on our campus FB group. So those 200+ people who registered should be well informed about this screening right?

Yesterday was the screening day, 4 staffs from Viper Challenge drove all the way from Kuala Lumpur early in the morning to reach our campus in time to start the screening at 9 am. Guess what, they were here from 9 am to about 2.30 pm, and only 50+ people showed up for the screening. That’s not even 25% attendance rate.

And the Viper Challenge staff said that only 15 person RSVP-ed for the screening. I mean come on, if it’s so easy to fill up a Google form, why can’t they inform the people if they can’t turn up? I’m sure plenty of them registered for the sake of registering, but never bothered to commit themselves to it.

They probably think that this is some kind of university level event that you can go or don’t go to your liking. But it’s not. This is an actual international event that people invest in time and money into it, and what do they get in return? Snobbish, irresponsible and ignorant university students.

Of course there is still that handful of responsible individuals that came for the screening. But I am so ashamed of the rest of those that did not turn up. The staffs at Viper Challenge now have a bad impression of students from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Engineering Campus. They are truly disappointed.

If most of us are ashamed of shabby clothes and shoddy furniture, let us be more ashamed of shabby ideas and shoddy philosophies.

Everyone should take responsibility to their actions. Best.

Page 55 of 365

So far 2 weeks of classes has been going well, and my FYP is progressing, but really slowly.

WC just got back from a trip with his coursemates and it was so nice to see him again. I could have followed if only I didn’t have any classes. Haha. I’ve been wanting to send postcards to my friends in Canada but somehow I haven’t come across any reasonably priced nice postcards, but WC found them during his trip! Gonna prep them up over the weekend and send them next week!

Also I had a question about the birthday gift that Sephora members, and since was at a mall that have a branch, I asked him to help me enquire about it. I was so happy that he agreed to help me ask about it. Thanks love.


The Beginning of My Final Semester

It’s second week into the second semester of my final year as an undergraduate, also my final semester.

Course Registrations

In Universiti Sains Malaysia (University of Science, Malaysia), the maximum units an undergraduate can register for a semester is 21 units. 2 semesters ago I went on a student exchange programme with the University of Guelph, so I missed a whole semester here. I didn’t transfer any credit too. This semester, I have to retake the courses that I missed that semester.

After registering for the third and fourth year core courses, it was already 22 units. I needed to register 4 units from my elective courses as a graduation requirement. Since the elective courses come in 3 units per course, I had to register another 6 units of electives. In total, I would have to register 28 units this semester if I wanted to graduate on time, which I do.

Initially my school did not approve my application of extra units than the recommended 21 units. I was kinda desperate complete my degree this year, I did not want to spend another year in this particular school. However, after consulting the assistant registrar and the deputy dean of academics, they agreed to request the vice chancellor of academic’s  approval.

On Monday, I received a text message from the assistant registrar stating that the university has approved for me to register 28 units this semester! I was super hyped when I found out. It’s gonna be a tremendously busy semester, in addition to my final year project. But I’m pretty sure I’ll do fine, if not good.

Final Year Project

It’s almost the end of the second week for this semester and I can’t seem to get hold of my FYP supervisor for consultation. She’s even my academic advisor. She seems to be always busy, and says that the only time she’s free to meet her students are in the morning, 8.45 am to 9.30 am, and/or after 5 pm. My classes starts at 9 am everyday and usually by 4 pm I would be back at room.

So yeah, it’s probably my fault that I can’t meet with her yet too. I don’t know, but I hope I can start my actual experiment, the hydrolysis and stuff next week. I have to do 14 times of that!


I’m taking most of my classes with my juniors (haha), the third years, and only 1 class with my coursemates. But it’s pretty fun! I think my juniors are great, I especially love their WhatsApp group chat cause they only share proper information, and there’s minimal to no spam messages. I also have 2 classes with Xian Yun, which has some advantage I think?

The start of my final has been great so far, I’ve had friends help me sneak my FYP samples into their SEM slots, I’m truly grateful for that. I look forward to possibly the busiest semester that I’ll ever be in, and also a memorable and fruitful one. I probably won’t have a daily log now cause my days are pretty robotic and boring, but I’ll update from time to time.

Do it for future me so I can look back and laugh at myself. Haha